You've got MORE mail!

In my "quest to simplify" my life recently, I have had to address one of the things that can quickly turn into a daunting and mind-cluttering task - going through emails.  When I ignore emails they simply won't go away (how rude) instead they pile up and can take me hours to read and respond appropriately.  One of the reasons this can get so out of hand is the obscene amounts of newsletters, columns and other tidbits I have chosen to subscribe to. 

In the beginning it seemed rather harmless. why wouldn't I want to learn how to keep my skin healthy and beautiful or know the latest fashion trends and how to execute them while clipping coupons and cooking flawless dinners for my family.  But it is all just too much.  Every day since the new year I have gone through new emails and unsubscribed from their lists.  Not every one, there have been a couple I read regularly but the majority have been erased.  Good information all but I do not have the time to read daily, weekly or even monthly.

The next step will be, of course, being a little more choosey when I next decide to click that subscribe button.  Will I want to read it or will it become one more box to mark then hit delete?  Little adjustments can make a big difference in life.  Instead of seeing 40 new emails a day, it's more like 10.  Now that's more like it!

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  1. I think they sell your email address. Being picky is the best way to go. Otherwise it gets so out of hand. Speaking from experience here. Oh.. and that unsubscribe button doesn't always work... funny how that happens. ;O)