Cute gifts for under 50 cents?!?

Every year my gift list seems to grow.  Teachers, friends, neighbors, co-workers, mailman, the lady I wave to that walks her dog every day!  I love giving gifts, it's my love language, but my income doesn't necessarily match my desire for lavish gift-giving!  :0)  So I plan ahead and do what I can, hit after Christmas sales, shop year round, and now scour pinterest for cute, cheap, gift ideas to show people I care without going into debt.  Here is an idea I saw in a magazine years ago that I am using for some of those on my gift list this year.  (Hopefully none of them see this before I give them out)   When I averaged out the cost, it came to about 45 cents a piece.
Here are the materials you will need:
Clear or pearl-like ornaments
White or colored paper shred
Your choice of ribbon
Letter stickers
Here is a closer shot of the letter stickers I chose, this was after I made them so some letters are missing.  I loved the black against the white shred.
Directions are simple.  Stuff the shred into the ornament, stick on the letter and tie with a ribbon for hanging.  Easy and cute!
And where to I keep all these ornaments until I give them out??
On a cupcake stand of course!  :0)
Happy gifting!!