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So two of my favorite blogs have some things going on that I thought I would share.  Both ladies are so creative and have beautiful blogs that are well worth visiting, so try and head on over sometime.

That being said, Teresa at Blooming on Bainbridge is sharing each Wednesday about her journey to try and live a more balanced life.  Well right now she is SO speakin' my language.  What is it they say about doing a few things in excellence rather than alot of things mediocre?  Ya, that's where I fail.....too many "someone has to do it so I guess I will"  rather than "YES!  This is a passion of mine, sign me up!"  I do alot of  "good" things that can get me in a tizzy (is that a word?)  But saying no isn't bad....right?  Ha!  I'm joining in this goal....BALANCE....I will find balance, I will find balance, I will find balance......Check out her button in my side bar and start getting your life back!

And Amy over at Keepin' the Sunny Side is having a fall wreath party on September 1st Everyone showing off pictures of their favorite fall wreaths...who wouldn't love that!  I am even going to my sis-in-laws to take a pic of the wreath I made her for her bday last year!  I will be posting it on here and then linking it up with Amy's blog.  Be sure and join in the fun. 

Can't wait!!

(picture courtesy of Williams Sonoma)

Everytime I have gone into Hobby Lobby since July, I have seen aisles and aisles of beautiful fall decorations but I have restrained myself from buying anything until after school started.  Well (hopefully) this week I will get out all the fall decor I already have and figure out what I need, well want, but regardless I can't wait to stroll around the stores picturing how my home will look when I'm done!  There's a good chance I won't put it up until sometime in September but I like to get a jump start on buying and planning so - bring on the fall!!

A Week of Firsts

Well the first day of school has come and gone.  I knew it would be an adjustment with new schools, new sports, etc. and it has been.  We are still working out the kinks but we made it through the first two days of school as well as the first volleyball and football tournaments.  It was over 100 degrees Saturday and one kid was in an unair-conditioned gym, while the other was on a blazing football field.  I'm proud of both of them for stickin' it out and doing their best.
Here's some shots of the first day of school:
 I let Colby pick out his first day outfit.  Kind of a big deal for me since I usually pick something "nice" because I know I'll be taking pictures.  His grandpa helped him pick this shirt over the summer and it was his first choice.   I think the fact that there is a baseball with a loogie on it might have something to do with it.
While Colby took two seconds to pick his Syd took a while longer...;)
The excitement is just undeniable! ha
Colby in front of his class, it's a tradition.
Couldn't walk Sydni in so I had to do with this....notice how happy she is to have her picture taken....again!
First game of the day....I was so proud of her for being a starter.
Gotta move quick!
In the huddle
I wasn't able to watch Colby too so I had to be content with texting updates from his dad.  He did great as well.  Here is the "finally home" shot after a long day of fun!

Back to School Surprise

I saw these on a blog and thought they were too cute and wanted to make my own.  This year is weird because I really only have one teacher to buy for.  If I made Sydni haul these to her jr. high teachers she would kill me, so one it is.
I decided to hot glue the ribbon and flower on so she could keep it there all the time.  I bought a package of those big pink flowers at a scrapbook store a while back and have used them on tons of things.  Tote bags, clipboards and binders (and of course this).  The tag is just a post-it note.  I filled it with push pins, band-aids, hand sanitizer, lip balm, paper clips (big and small), tab post-its, erasers, candy, hair bands, safety pins, cough drops and award stickers.  I was happy with it.  The only tough part was coming up with stuff that would fit in those little compartments!  Happy Back-to-School!!

Time does not fly - it zips by at warp speed!

My daughter's elementary PE teacher sent this photo to me on facebook that she found earlier today.

I think she must have been in 1st or 2nd grade here, running for all she's worth.  The timing of  this picture is almost too much for me.  I took Syd to her 7th grade orientation tonight.  It was so overwhelming and she's getting so old, I feel myself clinging to what is left of her "littleness".  I know she still needs me and I know she still has a few years left in our home.  But if the next 12 years go by as fast as the first 12.....

Just promise me you won't be in too big of a hurry sweetie!!

Saying so long to summer

The end of summer always brings me a bit of sadness.  Not only because I will miss the laid back, spontaneous, laziness of summer but also my kids are now a grade older.  This summer has been different than before as they both started sports practice several weeks ago.  Every night in the gym or on the field, I felt we were gipped out of those last precious days.  I realize this is part of the price of playing fall sports and I better get used to it but I can't tell you it was easy for me.  But enough about that - Friday was the last day the pool was open so I decided we were going to spend one last day of 'fun in the sun' together.  Here is the photographic proof of our adventure. ;)

The pool we join every summer is great!  It has slides and high dives and fountains.  The kids love it.

 Off the high dive we go.....

                            Yes this one is right side up.Colby loves his flips!

I love their faces as they are coming out of the slides.

Taking a break for lunch - swimming will make a kid hungry!
And of course anything makes me thirsty for Diet Coke!  :)  (check out Colby's face)

Goobers in goggles...

I thought these were funny because I kept trying to catch them coming out of the slide and was just too slow!

After the pool, a trip downtown to Sara Sara Cupcakes.  This place is too cute!

  All ready to eat our yummy cupcakes - I got sweet potato, oh my goodness it was heavenly!

All done!

I ♥ my mantel!

Here is my very own mantel:
I know it's probably not a big deal to alot of you but I have dreamed of having a mantel for 13 years!  There are so many fun things you can do with one.  Here is what I have going right now but soon it will be time for FALL!!!  Woo hoo, so out will come the pumpkins and cute fall decor and my mantel will be ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving and of course then there's I can't wait!!

Honey, what's in the mail?

BILLS!  Yuck.  No fun to get but we have to keep track of them somehow. Here is a peek at how I do it:
Here is the front.  I may not like paying bills but it helps if the stuff I'm working with is pretty.  I know I'm weird that way, you should see some of the pens I have.  Anyway, when I look at the picture of the cute little yard it reminds me how lucky I am to have a home full of people I love.  Jehovah-Jireh is also on the cover, which means 'The Lord will provide'.  He has so many times and it is a nice reminder that it's a blessing to have bills to pay because it means I have a home, utilities and food.
Here is the inside.  After I get a bill, I mark the due date on my calendar (that's a whole other post) then I stick it in the front pocket.  I also keep automatic draft info in there as well.  In the zipper bag is our credit cards ( I don't like to carry them in my wallet ) and some banking info and things like that.  I also have a checklist on the front that I review every month to make sure I've paid everything.  It might sound elementary but it helps me to check off each one and see they are all taken care of.  If you laminate it you can use a dry erase marker too.  I obviously covered the bills because that's just a little too much information to send out in blogland. :)
After the zipper bag is a list of all of our passwords, which is becoming increasingly large!   Then I have a file folder for each month of the year.  The current month is at the front and after a bill is paid and the confirmation number written on the stub it goes into the file folder ( I put a paper clip at the top of each to hold them ) Then when the month is over I move that folder to the back of the binder and start all over again.  When I start a new month, I remove the stubs from the previous year and shred them.  This way I have my stubs for a full year in case any problems arise.  It has definitely helped me out in the past.

Well there it is in a nutshell.  If you have any ideas for simplifying this process, feel free to share!

Equipment check-out day.....

I guess there's no going back now.  YIKES!!
Pray for me and my nerves as Colby starts tackling and getting tackled!