It says in Scripture that we were created in the image of God.  I know a lot of funny people, so I'm thinkin' Jesus must have been pretty funny too.  He did create laughter after all.  Sometimes I like to think about conversations he might have had with the children that used to follow him around while he was on earth.  Can't you just see them lining up for their turn to have Jesus spin them around?  And when they got so dizzy they both fell over, he would throw his head back and have a good belly laugh.  
I have no doubt he still laughs with us as we fellowship with each other and enjoy the relationships he has blessed us with.  And when my son tells me at the dinner table that he and his best friend named their nipples at school that day, I think Jesus may have spit soda out of his nose along with us!


So here is the house we have lived in for the past eight years.  The house my son learned to walk and talk in and my daughter spent her entire elementary school career.  It is filled with many sweet memories as well as hard work and sweat from making it our own.
And here is our new home.  Ready to fill with more memories and good times.  The fact that I am posting this is scary because as we all know, until the papers are signed at closing, the bottom can still fall out.  But I know God is taking care of us and the situation so no matter what happens He has a reason.
Just looking at this picture makes me excited!  I already want to add black shudders to the window and paint the front door and mailbox black.  Don't even get me started on the inside!  :)  Our closing date is set for March 26th, your prayers in the mean time would be greatly appreciated  - mainly for my sanity!

Hard to let go

Like I said in my previous post, we are moving in a couple weeks.  Needless to say, I have been going through each room and weeding out what needs to go.  My husband thinks I have no sentimentality when it comes to things because I am always so quick to get rid of stuff.  The truth is when you live in a 1100 sq. ft. house with 2 kids you have to be tough or you will be over-run with McDonald's toys.  Anyway, what he doesn't realize is how hard it is to get rid of certain things that have so many memories for me.  Like this adorable little table.

I saw this table at Toys R Us when Sydni was two years old.  It was $40 and that might as well have been $400 back then to us, so I called my parents and cried about not being able to buy her this cute little table which I was sure would make her two year old life so much better.  My parents came down for a visit a few weeks later and low and behold they bought her the table.  She did love it and sat at it to color or play.  I even have a picture of her chugging my Thirstbuster she snuck from me with a big grin on her face.  Then when she got too big for it it went to her little brother who did the same.  When I see this little table I think of our apartment we lived in when Sydni was little and the house we are now leaving where Colby used it.  He's really been too big for it for a while now but I kept holding on.  Last night someone came and bought that little table and it sounds corny but I was sad.  Not because that table was worth so much but the memories it holds and the fact that once again I have to realize how old my kids are getting.  They need desks and phones in their rooms, not cute little tables.  So goodbye crayons and blocks - I will sure miss you but the days of sports, sleepovers and diving boards aren't all that bad.

"SPRING" break?!?

We are in the process of moving.  Don't get me started on all the stress that has come from it and none of it includes packing and actually moving!!  That being said, I haven't posted in a while because I have been dealing with all of the stuff that comes with moving.  Hopefully, when we get in the house I will have lots of new posts about decorating and such.  But for now I am so sick of THIS.....
the cold not the kids!!  Ha Ha  And ready for THIS....
Bring on the summer!!!!  If it snows this week like they are saying, I might just move to Arizona!  ;)