My OWN space!!

Let me just say before I even begin that I have never had my own closet.  Well, except those few semesters in college but I wouldn't really call that a closet, more of a small nook with doors.  Plus, friends were in and out of it all the time so it was hardly my own.  Not that I minded, it was part of the fun of college!  But a big closet of my own has alluded me since my beautiful sister was born when I was two years old.  UNTIL we moved into our current house.  I have my very own closet with shelves and space and oh my goodness did I mention it's all mine?!?  As you can tell this was one of the things that sold me on the house. 

I was so excited to unpack and decorate when we moved in I didn't take a lot of time organizing my closet.  I put stuff on hangers and shelves and called it good.  But since I began the P/O of 2011 I realized I needed to make better use of my space.  Of course I browsed some blogs and saw a few great ideas including the one mentioned in my previous post and got to work.  Here are a few before shots....I will say I was purging at the time it didn't always look this bad, hehe
Um ya, so those are all purses and bags on that coat rack....did I mention I might have a slight obsession with them?
That big basket was full of Christmas gifts so that could go and my jewelry was scattered all around!

Okay so I might have an obsession with wallets as well!  I had just dumped all my shoes and jeans to go through, yikes!
But I rearranged and got rid of stuff and rearranged and got rid of stuff and this is the result!!
Okay so I realize you can't see it all and it's very hard to get good angles in a closet but I tried my best!  One thing I did realize while taking the pics is that I want to paint my closet...the white is so blah!!

Here are my most of my jeans, basket of belts, sweaters and my scarves and hats.  I also have my Bible Study bag which I can just grab in the morning and go to my spot to read, pray and be with the Lord.  I even have a candle and matches in there, I love candlelight.  The stuffed bear is mine from childhood, he makes me smile!

Love these shelves I found at Ross, they are adjustable!
Not the most amazing way to hang necklaces but it works!
My nightstand I found at a garage sale for $2.  Now I have a specific place for all my jewelry.
Yes those are candlesticks with my bracelets on them.  I like it when I can see them all at once, otherwise I forget what I have....hey, I'm getting old!!
Well. there you have it!  My new space and since my kids don't go back to school until Wednesday I think it might be my new hiding place as well!  ;)


  1. All nice and organized. Now you will be able to get ready quicker right?

  2. Oh you have seriously inspired me!! Got some great ideas brewing now. Thanks!!

  3. I just love what you doing to the closet. I agree with Amy now you will be able to get ready faster because every thing is so that you can see it. What inspiration you have giving me today.

  4. Yes! Getting ready has been easier, I'm trying to lay everything out the night before (including jewelry) but if depends on how tired I am! :) Thanks for your sweet words!