I'm on a mission....

The great purge/organize of 2011 has begun!  Well actually it began a couple weeks ago but it didn't sound as dramatic.  So here are a couple sneak peeks at what I've been doing.

Need to wrap a gift?  No problem!  I keep a bag and tissue in my car as well.  Oddly enough, I've needed one from time to time.

Where's my black eyeliner?  Oh there it is!  I took one of those cheap craft organizers from Hobby Lobby and stuck it in the bottom of a basket I had.  I love having everything in view and not dig through a bag to find stuff. 
I bought the brush set from Mary Kay years ago and the holder has been a life saver. 
More to come soon!  I've been working on my closet.  Getting a little inspiration from my friend Jaime over at this blog.  Loving it!!

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  1. Well you sneeky little thing you! Have fun and post pics soon.