This is what you get.....

when your 12 year old takes pictures.  455 pictures to be exact - over the summer.  She's much better at remembering to take pics than I am so here's a glimpse of the world from Syd's point of view.
Yes the self portrait, a must for every pre-teen....she apparently took LOTS of these before we moved out of the old house.
 What fun is going to dinner without a camera?
I realize this is really blurry and not a good pic but it was hilarious how many times we tried to get this using the timer on her camera....we obviously didn't!
Cute boy who lived next door in our old house...hmm wonder why she took this? :)
Gotta love friends!!
She wanted pink hair sooo bad!

Fun times in Kansas City with the grandparents

School always comes too soon!!!

Colby's bringin' the Thunder!!

For those of you who do not know, Oklahoma City has a pro basketball team called the OKC Thunder.  I've never lived in a city with a pro anything so this has all been very exciting.  This year when they were in the playoffs it was crazy around our house.  My son Colby got really into the team this year and so it was very fitting to decorate his room with the Thunder.  Now this kid is a sports nut so it took me a while to decide if I should do a team or just generic sports theme.  When my brother told me he wanted to live vicariously through Colby's room and therefore wanted to buy him a Kevin Durant fathead, well who am I to say no? :)  The Thunder room was born.  Now that my parents have moved to Kansas City (sniff)  I will be showing them lots of things through my blog.  I've heard rumors my sister reads from time to time too!  (love you sis)  So hope you all like his room!
Here is the scoreboard I painted on one of his walls, although don't look too close I'm definitely not a professional!
Here is the fathead of Kevin Durant, it really is ginormous!  Of course so is he so it makes sense.
I needed something to display all of his sports memorabilia.  After looking long and hard I found this at Home Depot and it worked out perfectly.
The upper section in the Ford Center is called Loud City, which also happens to be very fitting for Colby's room.
Well there you have it!  Colby is ecstatic by the way, he wants to be in his room all the time now.  And mom, I know you would enjoy this, when we brought him in to show him Paul had the Thunder theme song playing on his ipod!

A Shout Out to my sis!!

Sharing a room with someone for 18 years you get to know them pretty well.  Of course, at the time I wanted nothing more than to have my own space with my own closet and my own radio.  Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.  We have so many wonderful memories together, and yes, some not-so-wonderful ones.  For some reason God chose to bless me with the most generous, compassionate, kind-hearted, funny, smart and beautiful woman I know to be my sister.  I thank him for that daily.  Sara has a deep love for the Lord but also for fashion!!

When Sara graduated college she did something I could have never done.  She up and moved to Dallas with no job or home to see if she could do something in the fashion industry.  And do something she did.  She has made amazing contacts, shown her tenacity and skill to an unbelievable level.  I marvel at how she does what she does.  Sara makes everyone she meets feel like you've been friends forever.  The road has not always been easy but she has stuck it out and I could not be more proud of her.  Every once in a while I drive down to the Big D and take a peek into her professional life.  She has let me sit in on line presentations and corporate parties.  She is so good at what she does, plus it makes this stay-at-home mom feel glamorous for a minute!  ;)

Sara recently started a blog and it will be one more way for her to use her talents.  I'm excited to see where it goes, I know it will be amazing!  So go to my House of Zion link and check it out!!