Brown baggin' it....kinda!

One of my "goals" for the new year was to start packing my lunch.  Now that might sound weird since I only work part time but it's so easy when running errands or shopping to just stop and grab a bite while I'm out.  Even when I'm home, I get so busy that I end up grabbing something quick and unhealthy instead of taking the time to make a good lunch.  So I figured if I make my lunch the night before and pack it just as if I was taking it to work I might do better at the brown bag. 
To my surprise, a few days later I found this cutie on clearance!  Like a little sign that I had made the right choice!  haha

Here's to the pretty sack lunch!

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  1. That's a cute lunch bag! This is a great idea too! Could really help cut down on my snacking while working from home... if I'd stick to it.