Packin' up the magic

It is my typical routine to put up Christmas in one day and also take it down the same way.  I started doing it that way when the kids were little, usually starting after they went to bed and staying up into the wee hours of the morning finishing it all up.  I call it hard working, my husband calls it OCD.  Whatever the case, that's how I roll.....until this year.
Maybe it was the new house or maybe I was more busy than usual but it took me a few days to put it all up - we didn't have ornaments on the tree for a week!  Very unlike me.  But AFTER Christmas has been even worse.  Yes, we didn't get home until the night after and then I was sick for two days but even when I was feeling better, NO desire to put it up.  My husband even made a comment about the fact that I had not taken down anything.  I told him maybe I was mellowing and maturing and not putting time limits on myself.  He just laughed - whatever that means. 
At any rate, I finally started the process yesterday.  I always take pictures first so I can remember where I put things for next year (not that I won't change it up) And I really try to pack it up in a way that will make it the easiest to unpack next year.  One way I do so is to label the totes that everything goes in.
I have a chart that I keep in my Christmas binder that says, for example, a1 - Living Room Christmas Tree
Of course then I have a2, a3, a4, etc.
I like packing things by room or tree.

I also keep all my Christmas wrapping materials together as well.  Paper, bags, tags, ribbon.  The last few years I have color coordinated the gifts.  It looks so cute when the all match under the tree.
I would like to say I'm done and everything is packed up and organized and ready for next year....but I'm not.  Let's just say I have a lot of work to do tomorrow!

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  1. Wow girl, you are organized! A 1, A 2.. very nice. I have boxes with lids and thats the extent of my Christmas organization.. LOL!