My baby is growing up too fast - make it stop!!!

My beautiful 12 year old daughter is in sixth grade this year.  Where we live that is still elementary school (thank you Jesus).  As the end of her elementary career is coming to an end my emotions are as well!  I went into Target, I know that in itself is shocking, looking for the kids Valentine's day goodies a few weeks ago.  I walked down the aisle with bubbles, kites, sand shovels, jump ropes, and all that fun spring stuff.  It just hit me so hard that she didn't want any of that anymore.  She wants itunes giftcards and hair straighteners and of course she STILL wants a cell phone.  So there I go, crying in the middle of Target because my sweet, chubby cheeked baby girl is no longer that.  I realize she has not been for quite some time but there are days when it just hits me hard and I have to take a breath and thank God that he chose to bless me with such a gift.  She will have a promotion ceremony in May and I will be there, blubbering like only a mom can.  They are doing a slide show that includes a baby picture and a recent one.  For any of you out there who know and love Syd - I'm posting these pics so I don't have to cry alone!  ;)
Sydni - I love you sweetie and please forgive me if I still squeeze those cute cheeks now and then!

How many Valentine's do you need?!?!

The first time I went shopping after Christmas I saw shelves of Valentine's Day stuff.  Don't get me wrong I love Valentine's Day but when I was still recouping from all the demands of Christmas, Valentine's Day was not in the forefront of my mind.  Besides the fact, every year I stress about who I should make gifts for and where to draw the line.
I love giving gifts, I love making gifts the most, so I can get a little carried away when I see all this cute heart paper and stickers and goodies.  First there are the kid's teachers, then you have the office staff, then what about past teachers that I still love and talk to and of course the librarian, music teacher, PE staff and the school janitors!  Then there are friends, family, neighbors, the person in front of me at the grocery store!!  Like I said - carried away!  So this year I am limiting myself and trying to set a budget.  I made the cutest little gifts for the kid's teachers that I think are perfect for those people surrounded by germy little hands all day long!  The best part is they were cheap!!  I got the idea from a blog that of course now I cannot remember!

!I bought the bottles of hand sanitizer and peeled off the back label.  Well low and behold it left it all sticky so I just stuck the paper on it and didn't need any adhesive!  I bought one sheet of these stickers from Hobby Lobby and it covered all four bottles with some left over.  I'm going to put them in little clear baggies with ribbon when I give them on Friday.   Like I said - affordable and I think teachers cannot get enough hand sanitizer!   I'm going to try a couple more ideas so hopefully I'll get them on here before the 'day of love' is over!

The Forgotten Anniversary

Dear Mom and Dad,

I realize that being in the hospital, having your first child, was not the greatest way to spend your third wedding anniversary.  I also realize that tea parties, slumber parties, and pizza parties were probably not the greatest way to spend the next 18 anniversaries after that.  I want you to know that I haven't forgotten.  I haven't forgotten the fact that, to this day, on my birthday you ask where we are going to celebrate my day, not yours.  So on this February 2,  I want to honor YOUR special day.

I have never seen a greater example of unconditional love in a relationship than I have in yours.  Your willingness to stick it out through the rough times has shown me what God had in mind when he created marriage.  You laugh together, cry together, worship together, pray together and have allowed each other to grow into the spiritual example that you are for myself, my husband and my children.  I have been more than blessed to have you as my parents and grateful to God for placing me in your care.

So thank you mom and dad.  Thank you for putting up with birthday candles and messy frosting on what should have been your special day.  Thank you for bringing me into this world and never giving up on me.  I love you both with all of my heart and I know God is very proud to call you His children.


PS - Is Ted's okay for dinner tonight?  :)