Setting A Goal!

Last fall I ran (actually more of a jog/walked) my first 5K.  Let me just say right off that I have never been a fan of running.  I've played sports all my life but the idea of just running to run has never appealed to me.  However, since I am too old (wink) to be on a competitive sports team I have - sort of - been trying to find out what all the running fuss is about.  Races around here are getting more and more popular.  I have more friends that have run marathons than I can count on one hand.  So there must be something to this right??

I plan on running another 5K soon.  I am shooting for one in the fall at this point.  I don't want to do another until I can run the whole thing.  Not that it's bad to walk too, it's just a goal I have set for myself.  And that is where I have found the desire to run.  The competition with myself.  How much better can I do today than I did yesterday?  To actually believe that I can do something that I would never have wanted to do or believed I could before now.

Here is a picture of me after last night's run.  It isn't pretty but I love it because I worked hard, sweated my butt off and am one step closer to my goal.  The funny thing about goals is that once you achieve one, you have the confidence to go even bigger!  Now I'm not promising a full marathon here just that I want to believe that I can do the things I set out to do.  I can be stubborn in plenty of other areas, it's time I make this one of them.  So I will keep you up to date from time to time, if nothing else to keep me accountable.  I might even post another glamour shot!

Whose water bottle is this?!?

This is a question uttered at my house....daily.  I find empty, half-empty and full water bottles constantly....
No matter how many times I say, "Refill your bottle when you're done."  or "Finish one bottle before you get a new one."  a slew of water bottles end up on the kitchen counters, in the kids rooms, living room, etc.  Well - NO MORE!!
One of the reasons we (yes, I admit I may have done this myself from time to time) grab a new bottle is because we are unsure which one is actually ours.  I tried keeping a sharpie in the kitchen drawer so the kids could mark one when they grabbed it but it only happened about half the time.  So this is my new plan.

I grabbed some scrapbook stickers and cardboard things and cut them into rectangles.  Then spelled out our names on each one.  Poked a hole in the top and hooked on one of these.
Since I only had three of these, I used a key ring for the last one and it worked just as well. 
Before I closed it, I put a rubber band in as well.
Now when the kids grab a water bottle they also have to grab a tag!  :)

Of course in my head this is a GRAND idea and there will be no need to ask, "Whose water bottle is this?"
ever again....

I will let you know how that goes!! :)

I can't "Bare" to throw them away!!

I use Bare Escentuals make-up.  I have for several years and I love it.  A friend of mine uses it also and recently was cleaning out her make-up drawer and had several empty Bare Escentuals containers that she wanted to throw away.  If you have not seen these containers, they look like this.  They do have several different sizes.  These are the more medium sized.
Cute little things aren't they?  I just couldn't stand to watch her throw them away.  I knew there had to be something I could find to do with them.  So I took them home and soaked them in soapy water, peeled the stickers off the bottom and spray painted the lids.
I apologize for the pictures, they aren't the best but you get the idea.
So they sat around for a couple days until I came up with a few ideas for their use.  I put some Advil in one and threw it in my purse.  I also use one for my vitamins when traveling.  One of my lotion bottles was down to the bottom so I cut it in half and scooped the rest into one and put it in my nightstand.  You could also put safety pins in one.  Or use them for crafty things like sequins, beads or eyelets.  There are probably many more I haven't even thought of!!  Cute little containers for free - I like it! :)

Pool Bag Essentials

For about five summers now, I've been buying a summer pool pass for myself and the kids.  We love heading to the pool a few days a week to have some fun in the sun.  After many times of getting there and  wishing I had remembered to pack this or that, I finally made a 'pool list' to help me remember.  I go over it before we head out to make sure we aren't stuck without something we "need" while we are there. 

First and foremost you need a big ol' bag to put everything in:

Lots of roomy pockets help as well!!

It might sound like a no-brainer but don't forget the towels and of course - sunscreen

Now if you're like me, one of your favorite things to do while the kids are swimming is read a good book or browse a magazine.
And part of what helps keep the kids having fun are goggles and pool toys.
After about 30 minutes the kids will supposedly be starving!  So don't forget the snacks and water.
Some healthy and some not so healthy :)
I like to keep stuff cold so I use a thermal lunch bag with freezer packs.
I also pack a little baggie of other small things I need like a brush with rubberbands and bobby pins.  I like to have a clippy for my hair because it's hard to pull it up in a rubberband when it's wet.  Plus some chapstick, the tub kind doesn't seem to melt in the heat as bad.  Some good stuff for my chlorine drenched hair and some face lotion when our faces feel sooo dry when we get out.
And before you leave your house, don't forget your phone, keys and some emergency (or snack bar) money!

Pack it all up in your super cute pool bag and head out to make some great summer memories!!

Shutter up!

Here is a picture of our home when we put an offer on it last April.  The first thing I wanted to do was put up some black shutters and paint the front door black as well.  The door painting part was easy enough but the shutters...not so much!  I honestly thought I could do this "little" project on my own.  Of course I don't own any table saws or mitre saws or nail guns but hey - since when has that stopped me right?!  Home Depot could make the cuts for me and I could handle the rest.  This was one time my husband was right about biting off more than I could chew (in the home improvement area anyway :0)
Enter a wonderful couple named the Hansen's.  They DO have mitre saws and table saws and nail guns and more!!  My heart was a flutter.  Not only do they have these tools but were willing to help me use them without permanently injuring myself or someone else.  We took measurements, drove to other neighborhoods to "scout" shutters, picked out fence pickets, paint and went to work.  Well, okay, Tim worked a little more than I did but I definitely helped!  I have pictures in my safety goggles to prove it.
So low and behold, fourteen months after moving in I finally have my black shutters!!  And let me just say I am in LOVE!  My hubby isn't near as excited as I am but he usually isn't when it comes to matters of decor.  The fact that he said they looked nice was excitement enough for me. 
Here is a little closer view of the smaller windows