It's in the Bag!

I was browsing through my Anthropologie issue last night.  LOVE that store....can't afford much but there's so much eye candy and you never know when you can find something great on clearance.  I only wish we had one here.  Thus the catalog. 
So I'm flipping through the pages and come across this cute bag...
Love it!!  Then I think, well that looks similar to the bag I've been carrying for a month or so...

Not an exact match but somewhat similar.  So first I get excited that I bought it then I look at the price tag of the one in the magazine and get super excited because I didn't pay $198 for mine.  I paid $25!!  Thank you Ross (and Kenneth Cole)!  Just goes to show, cute fashion doesn't have to empty your wallet.


  1. Awesome, love when that happens :)

  2. I love to look at catalogs for inspiration then find a less expensive way to make or buy it. It's a fun challenge. We DO have an Anthro and I love that store. I stop in and mostly shop their clearance. Since the stores are always a season ahead, I often find current season items for a nice bargain. Check out their online site for nice clearance options.