Sending out some treats

I realize it is after Christmas and I am only now posting about this BUT  I find some of these things at garage sales during the summer so better late than never right?  Anyway, here are some of the goodies our friends and neighbors received from us this year.

I think how you wrap a gift is almost as cool as the gift itself.  The candy striped box held some great Pampermint foot stuff from Arbonne....yummy!!  The candle was purchased in a set at Sam's early in the season which made them $5 a piece!  Add a tag and 1/2 price ornament from Hobby Lobby and you're good to go!

 I got this cutie container at a garage sale for like 50 cents.  I'm telling you, I find Christmas containers like this all through the summer and I have a tub I keep in my garage where I put them all until I need them.  They always come in handy, especially if you need a quick gift.  Throw in some cookies or fudge and you're set!  Plus they cost practically nothing.
 Tins from Target Dollar Spot - can't beat it!
I should mention I added the words to these on my own.
 So I tried chocolate dipped pretzels this year.  They were so easy and kinda fun to make.  I chopped up some walnuts, candy canes and used some festive sprinkles as well. 
Well there you have it, some cute ideas that say Merry Christmas without costing you a fortune!

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