Bye Bye Boring Calendar....

Hello Shutterfly book!! 
Every year I get my dad a photo calendar for Christmas.  Ya know, twelve months, twelve pictures taken throughout the year.  Inevitably I wouldn't remember this little project until November or so, leaving me to search through the pictures for the best twelve I could find only to question myself on every month.  Well no more!!  I got an email link from a friend of mine sending me to this little website to make a FREE book. 
Now my first thought was wondering how cool a free book could possibly be but let me tell you....I'm ecstatic!  I love when I find things that make my life easier.  I'm sure some of you have known about these little book treasures for a while but I'm obviously behind the curve.  It took me about an hour and a half to make.  Click, drag, label.   That's it people!  No cutting, no adhesive, no borders, backgrounds or stickers to stress me out.  (Can you tell I'm a recovering scrapbook perfectionist?)
Well, I got my glorious little book in the mail today and I cannot WAIT for my dad to open it.  I have to say it was tempting to keep for myself.  But I figure I can make more...and more....this could truly give my children hope that someday they will be able to flip through an actual book with pictures of their lives instead of dumping out a box of pictures to sort through. 
I ♥ you Shutterfly!  Thank you for giving me a fun orange envelope to open and squeal with delight when I see my masterpiece!!

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  1. Wow.. what a great idea. I'm going to check that out. I have received numerous Christmas cards this year from friends and family that have used Shutterfly. They are GORGEOUS!