Bowling anyone?

So my baby boy turned nine!!  (Insert tears here)  I cannot believe he is almost double digits.  I need a baby in my life quick.... I don't want to HAVE a baby, I just want to love, cuddle and squeeze a baby then send it on home with its mama!  But I digress....
What do you do with a group of hilarious, fun albeit occasionally rambunctious nine year old boys?  Well you go bowling of course!  I came in last - LAST place to children.  I really need to work on my game. 
Happy Birthday Colby, I love you sweetie!!  ( And don't forget you promised to stay nine forever )
 His friends got to sign the bowling pin for him to take home...too cool!
Thank you Target for pulling off what I couldn't!  hehe
Not sure where this ball is going to end up

Don't mess with mama when she is bowling!

They knew how to keep score better than me, so I let them

 Present time....
 Who knew car shaped colgne would be such a hit?
 Dad is proud
 That's a bow tie made out of money by the way

Good times with good friends!


  1. OK.. your a cool mom. That's it.. plain and simple!
    Love this idea. Are the pins and ball the cake? That is absolutely

  2. Thanks Amy! We had such a good time. Yes the pins and ball were cupcakes. I had seen these cupcake cakes and asked the bakery at Target if they could pull that off. They sure did!! Did I mention how much I LOVE Target? hehe