Help! I think a tornado has hit my home!!

This year we made our first out of town trip for Christmas in the last decade.  To say I've become spoiled being at home for Christmas is an understatement.  The packing and planning and driving and oh ya, gas prices!!  Of course I wouldn't have it any other way.  I got to spend the holiday with my parents, grandparents, sister, uncle and of course my hubby and kids so it was well worth it!  I just think next year I'll have a better handle on what I need to do ahead of time. :)

The night we returned home from our trip I was exhausted and decided a bath and bed were the best options.  Sometime during the night a stomach virus got a hold of me and it was not fun!  Now as you can imagine, no laundry had been done, we had no groceries, (remember I said I would plan better next year) and gifts and suitcases were scattered all around!

My sweet hubby has taken care of me and the kids and the house the last two days but if you know me at all you know I told him to leave everything from the trip alone so I can do it all when I start feeling better.  Well this afternoon I got up and wanted to go right back to bed! 

We did make it grocery shopping with Chris at my side and my super excited son. (yes that's total sarcasm)  Somehow my daughter got out of it by being at a friend's house.  But we made it!  I even got some after Christmas sales at Target.  But now I'm home and looking around and wondering if I will get all this done before my kids get back to school.  Hmmm not likely.

I thought a few pictures might be appropriate here.  Yes you can start praying for me now!

So I think for now I will just sit down with my new magazine and pretend it's already done!

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