From the mouths of babes....or nine year old boys

Before I went to run errands this afternoon I sat my son down and gave him some blank thank you cards and a list.  I told him to fill out the thank you cards to his friends for his birthday presents.  I found them on the kitchen table a minute ago and had to share, as I thought they were hilarious.  And fyi, I will be using his exact spelling...hehe

Ezra, Thank you for the bowtie money (Ezra's mom had oragamied the money into a bowtie) I wore it to church Sunday.  From Colby

Levi, thank you so much for the USCopoly. From Colby PS - Levi switched around spells evil

Nate, thank you so much for my birthday gift card and the car. I drove it to school. From Colby

Austin, thank you so much for my gift card there is so much I want. From Colby

Ryland, the orangangtang, Thank you so much for my money I got $80 in all.  From Colby

Adam, Thank you for thoes delicies Nerds and money I got $80.  From Colby

P & E (that would be his uncle Paul and aunt Emily), Thank you so much for my bday money. I got $80 in all. Love Colby

I think it's funny he said Love only on his uncle's.   Boys! :)

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