Spring (or Summer) Cleaning

As I mentioned in a previous post, my kiddos were gone for a week to visit my parents in Kansas.  In between hangin' out with my hubby and episodes of Weeds, I deep cleaned our house.  I purposely waited for the summer because I knew the kids would be gone and I could knock it out in a few days.  One of the new products I tried was
I LOVE this stuff!!  I have used the old Murphy's where you had to have a bucket of water and a rag.  This is sooo much easier and you don't have to wipe it off after you're done.  Just spray on the rag and wipe down the surface and you're good to go! 
I used it on my cabinets, trim work, doors, kitchen table.  It worked great!!
And best of all - no more buckets!
I feel so much better now that the house has been spruced up from top to bottom and I can focus on my planning for all the upcoming fun in the fall!!


  1. Good to know, I'm always looking for new and improved cleaning products.

  2. I will definitely look for this! All the antique wood furniture we have have those carved details that hold dust, and I just don't manage to run a duster over them enough. They need a deep cleaning (as does the rest of my house).