Always Tweaking!

When I decorate a room it is never really finished for me.  I can have the walls painted, furniture where I want it, things hanging where they should but somehow there are always little additions or tweaks I think I can do to make it better.  Just ask my husband - I call it creative expression, he calls it not being able to relax!  haha
That being said, I decorated my daughter's room for her last summer and posted it here then I got the idea for one of her walls a few months later and posted it here.  But there was something about the circles that wasn't enough.  I wanted something around them but wasn't sure what.  Then I was spring cleaning, well I guess summer cleaning (the kids are at their grandparents for the week) and I looked around her room and came up with something.
The toughest part was trying to get the petals to overlap without looking weird but I just started painting and went with it. 

Here's a closer shot.  I put the hot pink around the center to bring in the pink from the dresser. 
Because of where this wall is I couldn't get a picture with the whole room but I tried!

So I do have one question.  I painted the petals with two coats to try and leave it a natural, lighter shade of white.  Should I add another coat and make it solid white or leave it like it is??

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  1. Such a great room. Hmmm.. I think I really like a little "bleed through" on those flower petals. They look more hand painted that way.. and not like a vinyl adhesive you see these days. The chalk paint is a great addition. You know you can always add more paint to the petals after you've lived with it for a while, but you can't take it back off. Just a thought. ;O)