Last minute 4th of July centerpiece

This is a cute, simple way to get in the 4th of July spirit.
You'll need red, white and blue felt (the white I used was glittery!)
skewers, ribbon a cute bucket from Target dollar spot and some floral foam to stick the skewers in.  In order to cover the foam you can use paper shred in the color of your choice.
First, I made a pattern of three different size stars out of cardboard.  I cut the stars out of the felt and hot glued them together starting with the large red, the middle blue and finally the small white.  I then cut one more star (the biggest size) and hot glued the skewer to the front of it.  After that was secure I took the tri-colored star and glued it on top of the skewer. 
Once you are done making the amount of stars you want, tie red, white or blue ribbon to a few of the skewers.  Stick them into the floral foam, cover with shred and you are good to go!
Have a wonderful Independence Day!!

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