Ideas I can use!!! (from Pinterest)

I recently gave in to peer pressure and checked out Pinterest.  I totally get the obsession, it's easy to get lost for hours, drowning in pictures and ideas that spark your imagination.  I purposely don't get on very often simply because I need to sleep at night!
The pictures I love most are of things I already have but haven't used in the way they are showing.  Take the hooks I have on my closet door.  I would hang my robe mainly but that was about it until I saw a picture that used it to showcase scarves.  Well who'd have thunk?  So off to my closet I went....
I had been keeping them in a basket but like this so much better!!  I can see them all at once and quickly pick the one I want.

Here's a closer view of how you just hang then on the loop or the hook.  Whatever works for you!

The second thing I saw was a plastic piece you could buy to help store cookie sheets, pizza pans, etc. 
A few years ago I bought an old rack that was used for holding records, remember those? 
Anyway, it works perfect for the same thing.
I think it cost me a quarter!
Everything slides right in and stays upright and easy to grab when you need it.
The best part is it fits right onto a shelf in my pantry. 
So keep your eyes open at Goodwill and garage sales!!

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