My Obsession With Black

I love using black as an accent color.... pretty much anywhere in my house.  I used it in my daughter's room.

I used it on the front of my house.

And in my living room
In fact I think my kid's bathroom is the only room that DOESN'T have black!
I decided over the weekend that I wanted the inside of my front and back door to be black as well.
I forgot to take the "before" picture until after I started!  haha
Here's how they turned out.

I think I like it!
And while I had the brushes and drop sheet out, I put some chalkboard paint on the desk in our office which I've been wanting to do for a while.  I will be showing some more pictures of that room makeover soon.

My son had tell me that the plays weren't finished - LOL
I thought I was doing good to use the x's and o's. 

1 comment:

  1. Very nice... slimming too.. LOL! You know what they say about black! J/K.. just a little Thursday morning humor. I love all the accents! I have never thought to paint the inside of my doors a color before. They're just plain ole boring white.

    BTW.. I can read this new font so much easier.. Thnx. ;O)~