Tricks or Treats?

Since trick-or-treating can wear out the little ones as well as the big ones...this year I made our house the "last stop" for our little group to grab a snack and a seat and relax (or watch some football :) )  You see our town did trick or treating last night, October 30th.  So I threw together some snacks and decor and had a ball.  Here are some pics of the treats - no tricks here!
Here's our little hot dog "mummies".  They were super simple.  All you need are some hot dogs and croissants.  I baked them according to the directions on the croissant tube.  The eyes are mustard but I will say this, wait until the mummies cool a bit before putting on the eyes because they will just melt into the hot dog otherwise.  And I used a toothpick to make such small dots. 

And here are our ghosts....although the white chocolate turned out more cream colored so we had some ghosts who weren't feeling well!  But they still tasted awesome!

Yummy treats!!

Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!

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