Bargain of the Week!

I was on my way to a friend's house this morning and just happened upon a garage sale.  From the street I saw an overstuffed chair.  I have wanted an overstuffed chair for a while now but it wasn't at the top of the NEED list so... no overstuffed chair.  Plus the odds of finding one to match our couches are (were) slim!  So I see said chair and think it is probably one of two things - they are asking way too much or it's in really bad shape.  I decide to give it a closer look and lo and behold it is cheap AND in great shape! 

WOWZA!  And here's the best matches my couches (they are brown corduroy type material)
This might seem silly to some but it also had the same legs as my couches!!

It doesn't get much better than that.  So it has now been vacuumed, steamed with my awesome friend Melissa's super steamer and febreezed!  For $35 definitley my bargain of the week!!

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