The Thunder Rolls....

So if you've been reading my blog for a while you know about my son's bedroom from this post.  Obviously we are Thunder fans around here.  I have to say when the rumblings first began in OKC about having our own NBA team, I thought it would be cool but it is so much cooler than I expected!!  Part of that coolness comes from the team themselves.  An awesome, humble group of guys who not only play great together but are actually people I don't mind my son looking up to.
They have set a fantastic example of hard work, dedication and never underestimating yourself, even when you are young. (We have the youngest team in the NBA)  So when I found out about the Thunder Bus that goes around to area schools and gives out books, I had to find out how my son's teacher could sign up.  She set up the meeting and the Thunder Bus rolled into our neighborhood!!
The kids were so excited!  The lady who drives the bus came in to talk to the kids about the players and how several of them are finishing their college degrees right now.  She asked them if they thought being an athlete meant you didn't have to learn how to read well, then explained that no matter how good you are, reading is super important and the Thunder agrees.  They let each child go on the bus and have a book of their choice along with the team yearbook and bookmark.  What a great day!  Here are some pics of the event....Go THUNDER!!

Oh and lets not forget the boys favorite page in the yearbook....
The Thunder Girls, lol!  I tried to convince Colby's friends that I was one of the pictures but they didn't believe me.....I don't understand it!

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  1. Love it! I may reside in Dallas and have for years before the Thunder rolled in Ok City, but I am definitely on the Thunder train! Growing up in Oklahoma and never having a team of our own has given me a lot of pride in that team. The fact that the guys are all so young yet continue to excel at such a rapid rate, well that makes it even better! Way to go Thunder!!