OMG I have a teenager living in my house!!

My beautiful daughter turned 13...."finally!" as she would say and "already?"  as I would say.  Since her birthday was toward the end of volleyball season and her and her friends can't get enough, that's exactly what we did.  A volleyball party.  Now, my husband and I both played volleyball and several of our friends and my family love to play as well so it was a really fun party for all.  Here are a few goofy pictures of the evening!
This might seem like a silly pic but these are their volleyball socks for the year (knee high) and I thought it was a super cute picture Syd took of hers

Here's what happens when you try to take a group shot!

That's a little better!

 Can't have enough candy and cupcakes!!

The many faces of the girls....and we can't forget the "annoying" little brothers! Happy Birthday Syd!!

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