Shutter up!

Here is a picture of our home when we put an offer on it last April.  The first thing I wanted to do was put up some black shutters and paint the front door black as well.  The door painting part was easy enough but the shutters...not so much!  I honestly thought I could do this "little" project on my own.  Of course I don't own any table saws or mitre saws or nail guns but hey - since when has that stopped me right?!  Home Depot could make the cuts for me and I could handle the rest.  This was one time my husband was right about biting off more than I could chew (in the home improvement area anyway :0)
Enter a wonderful couple named the Hansen's.  They DO have mitre saws and table saws and nail guns and more!!  My heart was a flutter.  Not only do they have these tools but were willing to help me use them without permanently injuring myself or someone else.  We took measurements, drove to other neighborhoods to "scout" shutters, picked out fence pickets, paint and went to work.  Well, okay, Tim worked a little more than I did but I definitely helped!  I have pictures in my safety goggles to prove it.
So low and behold, fourteen months after moving in I finally have my black shutters!!  And let me just say I am in LOVE!  My hubby isn't near as excited as I am but he usually isn't when it comes to matters of decor.  The fact that he said they looked nice was excitement enough for me. 
Here is a little closer view of the smaller windows


  1. Wow.. that really adds character doesn't it?! Love the color choice too.

  2. Thanks Amy!! I am LOVING the black! I've been painting everything black it seems - furniture and stuff, not walls! haha