Whose water bottle is this?!?

This is a question uttered at my house....daily.  I find empty, half-empty and full water bottles constantly....
No matter how many times I say, "Refill your bottle when you're done."  or "Finish one bottle before you get a new one."  a slew of water bottles end up on the kitchen counters, in the kids rooms, living room, etc.  Well - NO MORE!!
One of the reasons we (yes, I admit I may have done this myself from time to time) grab a new bottle is because we are unsure which one is actually ours.  I tried keeping a sharpie in the kitchen drawer so the kids could mark one when they grabbed it but it only happened about half the time.  So this is my new plan.

I grabbed some scrapbook stickers and cardboard things and cut them into rectangles.  Then spelled out our names on each one.  Poked a hole in the top and hooked on one of these.
Since I only had three of these, I used a key ring for the last one and it worked just as well. 
Before I closed it, I put a rubber band in as well.
Now when the kids grab a water bottle they also have to grab a tag!  :)

Of course in my head this is a GRAND idea and there will be no need to ask, "Whose water bottle is this?"
ever again....

I will let you know how that goes!! :)

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  1. GREAT IDEA!!! I love this! This is also a great idea for company as well. Especially for repeat company, that you can make up permanent tags for. They could be stretched around tall glasses, root beer (wink) bottles, etc.