Purses and Handbags and Totebags "Oh my"!!

People who know me best know I absolutely love the items listed in my title!  I think I like shopping for bags and shoes because no matter how much weight I gain or lose they will always work. :)  Here is a pic of the new purse my family got me for Mother's Day (good job honey)
Isn't she beautiful?!  I heart Steve Madden!
And here's my totebag I earned from having my 31 party.

Love, love, love it!

Now that I have gone from a small more stiff handbag to a large roomy purse I had to change what I kept all the little stuff in that sinks to the bottom of any purse.  I was using this cutie:
It's great with lots of pockets, zippered and non-zippered, room in the middle and a snap with rings to grab quickly and move from purse to purse.  I got mine at Maurice's.
But it just wouldn't work in the new purse so I had to put stuff into little bags instead.
Keeps everything in place and I can grab them quickly. 
So how do you keep stuff tidy in your purse? 
I'm always looking for new ideas. 
And oh ya, if you need a new purse I'm having a garage sale this weekend and these are just a few to choose from!  hehe

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