Pool Bag Essentials

For about five summers now, I've been buying a summer pool pass for myself and the kids.  We love heading to the pool a few days a week to have some fun in the sun.  After many times of getting there and  wishing I had remembered to pack this or that, I finally made a 'pool list' to help me remember.  I go over it before we head out to make sure we aren't stuck without something we "need" while we are there. 

First and foremost you need a big ol' bag to put everything in:

Lots of roomy pockets help as well!!

It might sound like a no-brainer but don't forget the towels and of course - sunscreen

Now if you're like me, one of your favorite things to do while the kids are swimming is read a good book or browse a magazine.
And part of what helps keep the kids having fun are goggles and pool toys.
After about 30 minutes the kids will supposedly be starving!  So don't forget the snacks and water.
Some healthy and some not so healthy :)
I like to keep stuff cold so I use a thermal lunch bag with freezer packs.
I also pack a little baggie of other small things I need like a brush with rubberbands and bobby pins.  I like to have a clippy for my hair because it's hard to pull it up in a rubberband when it's wet.  Plus some chapstick, the tub kind doesn't seem to melt in the heat as bad.  Some good stuff for my chlorine drenched hair and some face lotion when our faces feel sooo dry when we get out.
And before you leave your house, don't forget your phone, keys and some emergency (or snack bar) money!

Pack it all up in your super cute pool bag and head out to make some great summer memories!!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend the summer.. at the pool! A big bag with all the essentials is a must. I know how that goes.. oooppss.. I forgot this or that. Looks like your ready for whatever the need!

  2. So far so good! It gets a little easier the older they get too - but you know that ;)