Hoop Dreams

This is a picture of my entryway:
I'm sure you noticed the basketball goal hanging from the door.  My son is constantly in motion.  Even when he is watching tv he has his basketball out running back and forth across the living room shooting hoops.  He wants to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder someday. (See this post about that!)
Now I would love to hang some pretty pictures in my entry or maybe put a little table with flowers and baskets but that would mess up his "court"!  And honestly, everytime I look at that goal I smile.  It reminds me that my kids are only with me for a little while, and that little while seems to be going faster and faster, so I'm going to enjoy every second.  Someday we will take the goal down and I'll have my entry table but I guarantee it won't be near as fun as shootin' hoops!

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