Let Me Count the Ways

I made this little project last year for my husband for Valentine's Day.  I was looking in the scrapbook section at Tuesday Morning and this jumped out at me.
Of course it didn't have paint on it and this is the back of it but you get the idea.
So I snatched it up for 99 cents and came home and went to work.
I need to say right now how much I LOVE craft paint. Less than a buck a bottle and you can paint just about anything with that stuff. 
So I grabbed some Valentinesy colors and some stickers left from my kid's Valentine's and tried to make it cute.
This is what I came up with.
A list of reasons why I love my husband. 
Sometimes we can get so caught up in what annoys us or what we wish we could change that we need to remind ourselves of all the wonderful reasons they are number one in our lives.
After painting each "page" and letting dry, which I have no patience and that is why the backs are not painted.
 I added the writing and stickers, then some cute ribbon to finish it off.
Before I wrote on it I brainstormed on paper any and everything I could come up, even things that might sound silly or special inside jokes.  It's truly the little things that make a relationship special. 
The color is a little off on this pic because I tried to edit it to blur the words. 
Some things don't need to be on the internet! ;)
So there is an inexpensive, thoughtful little something you can give your spouse this Valentine's Day.  And who says it has to be painted and covered in stickers?  I'm sure he would love it just as much scribbled on a post-it!

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  1. Such a thoughtful gift. Great idea and very budget friendly.. gotta love that.

  2. Your blog looks great and I love the Vday gift you made your husband. I would rather shoot myself in the foot than cut, paint, decorate anything, but I for sure admire crafty, cutesy, creative people!

  3. Wonderful idea!! The tags look awesome, and the story is so sweet!!
    I'm here from the Sunday Spotlight party, just so you know. It's my first time! See you again next week!

  4. I LOVE this idea!!! Adorable!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Sandi! And I love the name of your blog...too cute! :)