Stuck at home.....

Today was the fourth snow day of the week for us.  A day or two is not that unusual around here but four certainly is.  Not only that but it started snowing AGAIN today.  I love snow, it's beautiful and peaceful but I hate driving on roads that have not been plowed.  That is exactly why the kids have not had school - neighborhood streets are horrible. 

That being said, we've had a lot of time to work on homework and other stuff.  Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of movies and video games too but watching them work always makes me smile!
Notice the tongue - it always comes out when he's concentrating - I love it! 
Good thing he wears a mouth guard in football!

She had a couple projects due this week so lucky her she gets more time to finish.
She's loving it, let me tell you! ;)
Something tells me they enjoyed this more...

Yep, definitely!

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  1. We have had a bunch of snow days to. Too many IMO. Looking forward to Spring!