A Week of Firsts

Well the first day of school has come and gone.  I knew it would be an adjustment with new schools, new sports, etc. and it has been.  We are still working out the kinks but we made it through the first two days of school as well as the first volleyball and football tournaments.  It was over 100 degrees Saturday and one kid was in an unair-conditioned gym, while the other was on a blazing football field.  I'm proud of both of them for stickin' it out and doing their best.
Here's some shots of the first day of school:
 I let Colby pick out his first day outfit.  Kind of a big deal for me since I usually pick something "nice" because I know I'll be taking pictures.  His grandpa helped him pick this shirt over the summer and it was his first choice.   I think the fact that there is a baseball with a loogie on it might have something to do with it.
While Colby took two seconds to pick his Syd took a while longer...;)
The excitement is just undeniable! ha
Colby in front of his class, it's a tradition.
Couldn't walk Sydni in so I had to do with this....notice how happy she is to have her picture taken....again!
First game of the day....I was so proud of her for being a starter.
Gotta move quick!
In the huddle
I wasn't able to watch Colby too so I had to be content with texting updates from his dad.  He did great as well.  Here is the "finally home" shot after a long day of fun!

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