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So two of my favorite blogs have some things going on that I thought I would share.  Both ladies are so creative and have beautiful blogs that are well worth visiting, so try and head on over sometime.

That being said, Teresa at Blooming on Bainbridge is sharing each Wednesday about her journey to try and live a more balanced life.  Well right now she is SO speakin' my language.  What is it they say about doing a few things in excellence rather than alot of things mediocre?  Ya, that's where I fail.....too many "someone has to do it so I guess I will"  rather than "YES!  This is a passion of mine, sign me up!"  I do alot of  "good" things that can get me in a tizzy (is that a word?)  But saying no isn't bad....right?  Ha!  I'm joining in this goal....BALANCE....I will find balance, I will find balance, I will find balance......Check out her button in my side bar and start getting your life back!

And Amy over at Keepin' the Sunny Side is having a fall wreath party on September 1st Everyone showing off pictures of their favorite fall wreaths...who wouldn't love that!  I am even going to my sis-in-laws to take a pic of the wreath I made her for her bday last year!  I will be posting it on here and then linking it up with Amy's blog.  Be sure and join in the fun. 

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  1. Tizzy is definitely a word in my book, and I'm gonna head on over and check out that link. Thanks also for mentioning my Fall Wreath Party, I'm so nervous hoping that other bloggers will join in. Have a GREAT Thursday Lori!