Back to School Surprise

I saw these on a blog and thought they were too cute and wanted to make my own.  This year is weird because I really only have one teacher to buy for.  If I made Sydni haul these to her jr. high teachers she would kill me, so one it is.
I decided to hot glue the ribbon and flower on so she could keep it there all the time.  I bought a package of those big pink flowers at a scrapbook store a while back and have used them on tons of things.  Tote bags, clipboards and binders (and of course this).  The tag is just a post-it note.  I filled it with push pins, band-aids, hand sanitizer, lip balm, paper clips (big and small), tab post-its, erasers, candy, hair bands, safety pins, cough drops and award stickers.  I was happy with it.  The only tough part was coming up with stuff that would fit in those little compartments!  Happy Back-to-School!!


  1. Oh that is so adorable! I wish I'd seen this idea before my Zoe's first day of school, but we have a Teacher Appreciation week in the Fall, so this would be so great for that. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a super cute idea! What teacher would not LURV that??!