Saying so long to summer

The end of summer always brings me a bit of sadness.  Not only because I will miss the laid back, spontaneous, laziness of summer but also my kids are now a grade older.  This summer has been different than before as they both started sports practice several weeks ago.  Every night in the gym or on the field, I felt we were gipped out of those last precious days.  I realize this is part of the price of playing fall sports and I better get used to it but I can't tell you it was easy for me.  But enough about that - Friday was the last day the pool was open so I decided we were going to spend one last day of 'fun in the sun' together.  Here is the photographic proof of our adventure. ;)

The pool we join every summer is great!  It has slides and high dives and fountains.  The kids love it.

 Off the high dive we go.....

                            Yes this one is right side up.Colby loves his flips!

I love their faces as they are coming out of the slides.

Taking a break for lunch - swimming will make a kid hungry!
And of course anything makes me thirsty for Diet Coke!  :)  (check out Colby's face)

Goobers in goggles...

I thought these were funny because I kept trying to catch them coming out of the slide and was just too slow!

After the pool, a trip downtown to Sara Sara Cupcakes.  This place is too cute!

  All ready to eat our yummy cupcakes - I got sweet potato, oh my goodness it was heavenly!

All done!

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  1. Back to school for my kiddo's this week. First my son today.. my girl on Wed. Another year older... and I hope wiser.. LOL.. ;O)