Teacher Gifts Pt. 2

Well because I posted the first one as part 1, I felt I had to make a part 2 even though I wasn't super excited with what I did this year.  I just plain ran out of time, energy, and creativity.  The end of the year caught up with me and having to plan four major events for my daughter's 6th grade class just took precedence.  I will post about that soon.  ANYWAY, I made these yummy peanut butter chocolate bars...you can find the recipe here.  I put them on these adorable little plates I found at, where else, Target, and wrapped them up all cute with some ribbon.  I also added a Target gift card in their card so they could pick out what they like.

Naturally I had to taste test these babies and they were delish!  So give them a try.  You could even wrap them up all cute and give them to yourself as a gift - just be sure and hide them from the rest of the fam! ;)

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