Meeting the big guy

My son is obsessed with all things sports.  He talks about sports all day long.  He asks me on a daily basis what team I want to win what game, depending on the time of year.  He plays sports himself, on video games, and board games.  His room is decorated in a sports theme.  He and his dad are playing in the NBA finals right now on NBA 2010 and you would think it was really happening.  I get updates about their progress and how he thinks the next few games will go.  It is a hilarious and endearing trait.  That being said, the fact that OKC now has its very own NBA basketball team - well that is just icing on the cake.  He has been able to go to a few games thanks to some wonderful friends of ours and he loves all the players (play off time was CRAZY in this house) but his favorite is Russell Westbrook.  So naturally when I saw that he would be signing basketballs at a local Dillard's last Saturday I had to check it out.
Now for those of you who know me, I am not one to go spend money on what I think are frivolous things.  In order to meet Westbrook and get a signed basketball you had to buy $50 worth of Perry Ellis merchandise.  Say what?  My husband doesn't even wear Perry Ellis.  My first thought was - not gonna happen.  Then I thought about my little brother growing up.  He was obsessed with Larry Bird of the Boston Celtics.  He wanted so badly for him to come to his birthday party one year.  Of course that wouldn't happen but I remember him being convinced that if we would just invite him, Larry would come.  So when my son actually has the oppurtunity to meet his favorite player, I need to suck it up and lay down the $50.  Which is what I did and it was worth it.  Colby said it was one of the best days ever and now he has an awesome piece of memorabilia for his sports room!

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  1. What a fantastic Memory you just made for him! He will never forget it! Your a great mama!