Prepared for Anything!

There is something strange at work in my brain that tells me if I am not completely prepared for any possible scenario that might come up when I am away from home, somehow I am not doing my job.  I know it's ridiculous and silly but it is what it is.  If someone needs a tissue or a nail file - I want to say "Got it!"  Is that strange?  Wait, don't answer that.  Needless to say, I am always intrigued by what other people carry in their cars and/or purses for such occasions.  So, here is my car basket o' goodies!
This is everything that goes in the basket.  It doesn't look like much but it gets pretty full.  I have a notebook with all of our restaurant and store coupons for easy access.  A first aid kit, a bag with some card games, paper and markers, a sewing kit, a roll of toilet paper (don't laugh, it has come in handy many times), kleenex packets, some target sacks for trash, a hair pick with hair bands, wipes (a mom's best friend), a towel in case of spills, and the cup has hand sanitizer, bug spray, a file, tire pressure gauge (don't really know how to use it but whatever), pens, lots of lip gloss and chapstick, hand lotion, and those wisps things.  Of course can't forget the snacks and water bottles since my kids seem to think if we are out for longer than 30 minutes it's a road trip.  I also have a little flashlight.  Oddly enough I do use most of this stuff and replenish when needed.  I also have a blanket, jackets, and phonebook in the cool compartment in the back of my Trailblazer. Here is all of it crammed into my cute little tote that they now have at Target ♥ in adorable colors in the summer section!!
This is the little bag I carry in my purse as well:
It has a mini deodarant, body spray, hand lotion, mirror, ibuprofen, a smaller sewing kit (which I never use but feel like it should be in there, lol) floss, tape measure (not for my body, for house decorating) nail clippers, eye drops ( I wear contacts) and lots more lip gloss and lipstick, and those sheets to wipe shine off your face.  So there you have it, my emergency save the world kits!  Do you have one?  I would love to see it!!