You crackle me up!

So I recently discovered Crackle Medium at Hobby Lobby after reading about it online.  I love the crackle look anyway and now I want to crackle everything in my house!  But I settled for some fall pumpkins.  I had these in a garland last year and wanted some white pumpkins without spending alot, so I got some craft paint and crackle medium and went to work!
Here is what I started with (sorry the pics are a little blurry)

I added a coat of brown paint to the pumpkins and let it dry.  Then applied a coat crackle medium and let dry.  Lastly I added a coat of off white paint and as it dried they looked like this:
Love it!  Now I can add them to my mantel garland!  Happy crackling!


  1. Cute title. I've only tried crackle once.. and it was not so pretty. Yours on the other hand.. turned out quite nice!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love your ideas! So glad I popped over!!! ~Angela