Movie night snackin'

Our PTA sponsors two movie nights a year at my son's school.  It's really alot of fun.  We show a movie on the projector, have a concession stand and the kids bring blankets and pillows to lay down and watch the film.  I always volunteer to bring some baked goods for the concession stand.  (Actually I think you have to if you're the president, lol)  Anyway, I really wanted an excuse to make these popcorn cupcakes I saw in a book and this was the perfect oppurtunity.  They turned out pretty cute, although my "butter" was a liitle too orangey for my taste but my husband said I could call it cheddar popcorn!  :)  He's supportive like that!  Here's how I did it.....
First grab a bag of mini marshmallows and cut one diagonally.
This is what you end up with
Then cut one of the pieces diagonally again like this.  You end up with three pieces.  Stick then together with the stickiness from the inside of the marshmallow and they look something like this:

Now you have your little "popcorn' pieces you can stick them on your cupcakes
I frosted mine with vanilla frosting, putting quite a bit so the marshmallows would stick.  Put them all over the top and they look like this!
Now for the "butter", add water to yellow food coloring and dab on with a pastry brush or clean paint brush.  Like I said mine was a little too orange so I should've added more water. 
So when you're done you have a perfect movie night snack!  I've seen some put in little popcorn containers or add red and white striped paper on the baking cup to look like a box of popcorn.  All very cute but I didn't have time for that.  I will say it took me a long time to cut all those marshmallows!!  I planned on doing a couple dozen but after an hour and a half I decided 6 would be plenty!

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