This is what you get.....

when your 12 year old takes pictures.  455 pictures to be exact - over the summer.  She's much better at remembering to take pics than I am so here's a glimpse of the world from Syd's point of view.
Yes the self portrait, a must for every pre-teen....she apparently took LOTS of these before we moved out of the old house.
 What fun is going to dinner without a camera?
I realize this is really blurry and not a good pic but it was hilarious how many times we tried to get this using the timer on her camera....we obviously didn't!
Cute boy who lived next door in our old house...hmm wonder why she took this? :)
Gotta love friends!!
She wanted pink hair sooo bad!

Fun times in Kansas City with the grandparents

School always comes too soon!!!


  1. Don't you just love seeing things through "their eyes"?

  2. Yes. definitely reminds me why I miss being a kid!

  3. funny...i have several..okay well A LOT of Syd's 'self portraits' in my phone and on camera! LOL I finally put all pics on computer the other day and was amazed at just how many were of my lil niece! sigh...pre teens..she's aging way to fast!