What does your blinker sound like?

When I am driving anywhere, anytime, my car is noisy!  Whether it is the kids yelling, singing, arguing, the radio blaring, or just a conversation I'm having on my cell phone.  It's all noise, all the time.  I don't make noise on purpose, it just kinda happens.  If I get in my car, the radio goes on without a second thought.  I went to a leadership retreat this weekend and our leader was talking about 'abiding in the Lord' and do we even know what that means?  Through prayer, bible reading and study, worshiping, uplifting conversations with friends about the Lord - sure - I know that.  One thing I forget about is the SILENCE part.  We can abide in the Lord simply by sitting in his presence (or driving as the case may be) and doing nothing but being quiet!  What an unbelievable idea!  I don't have to DO anything, just enjoy Him!  So I tried it yesterday while I was running errands.  No radio, no cell phone.  And guess what?  I heard what my blinker sounded like for the very first time!  It's a pretty typical sounding blinker but let me tell you - it was a beautiful sound to me because it meant I was sitting quietly in the presence of my God, even if it was only as long as it took to get to Target!

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