It says in Scripture that we were created in the image of God.  I know a lot of funny people, so I'm thinkin' Jesus must have been pretty funny too.  He did create laughter after all.  Sometimes I like to think about conversations he might have had with the children that used to follow him around while he was on earth.  Can't you just see them lining up for their turn to have Jesus spin them around?  And when they got so dizzy they both fell over, he would throw his head back and have a good belly laugh.  
I have no doubt he still laughs with us as we fellowship with each other and enjoy the relationships he has blessed us with.  And when my son tells me at the dinner table that he and his best friend named their nipples at school that day, I think Jesus may have spit soda out of his nose along with us!


  1. awesome, and I think he would have too

  2. HA! Too funny. Yes, I too believe Jesus laughs right along with us.