So here is the house we have lived in for the past eight years.  The house my son learned to walk and talk in and my daughter spent her entire elementary school career.  It is filled with many sweet memories as well as hard work and sweat from making it our own.
And here is our new home.  Ready to fill with more memories and good times.  The fact that I am posting this is scary because as we all know, until the papers are signed at closing, the bottom can still fall out.  But I know God is taking care of us and the situation so no matter what happens He has a reason.
Just looking at this picture makes me excited!  I already want to add black shudders to the window and paint the front door and mailbox black.  Don't even get me started on the inside!  :)  Our closing date is set for March 26th, your prayers in the mean time would be greatly appreciated  - mainly for my sanity!

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  1. Soooo Excited for you guys! Have us over later and we'll celebrate with you :0)