My baby is growing up too fast - make it stop!!!

My beautiful 12 year old daughter is in sixth grade this year.  Where we live that is still elementary school (thank you Jesus).  As the end of her elementary career is coming to an end my emotions are as well!  I went into Target, I know that in itself is shocking, looking for the kids Valentine's day goodies a few weeks ago.  I walked down the aisle with bubbles, kites, sand shovels, jump ropes, and all that fun spring stuff.  It just hit me so hard that she didn't want any of that anymore.  She wants itunes giftcards and hair straighteners and of course she STILL wants a cell phone.  So there I go, crying in the middle of Target because my sweet, chubby cheeked baby girl is no longer that.  I realize she has not been for quite some time but there are days when it just hits me hard and I have to take a breath and thank God that he chose to bless me with such a gift.  She will have a promotion ceremony in May and I will be there, blubbering like only a mom can.  They are doing a slide show that includes a baby picture and a recent one.  For any of you out there who know and love Syd - I'm posting these pics so I don't have to cry alone!  ;)
Sydni - I love you sweetie and please forgive me if I still squeeze those cute cheeks now and then!


  1. Awww! She is a cutie! She is growing up, but remember, no matter how old she is or how many babies of her own she has, she will ALWAYS be your baby!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I definitely need reminding of that from time to time :)