'Fall'ow me....(hehehe)

Here it is four days before Halloween and I am just posting some of my fall/Halloween decorations but as they say better late than never I suppose!
We will start with my daughter's room - she likes decorating for seasons almost as much as I do.
I made the BOO letters a few Halloween's ago, just the cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby, some scrap paper and of course Modge Podge!  Super easy - I painted the edges which made it even easier.

Here is my entertainment center in the living room - OH how that cord hanging from the TV is a thorn in my side!!!  My husband says I just need to get a longer one and he can hide it through the wall....we shall see!  ;)
Here is a closer look at the pumpkins.

Next up, the fireplace.  It's kind of weird to see your home in pictures, like that candle on the right looks yellow but in real life it's the same as the others.  Maybe it's my mad picture taking skills, ha!  Anyway, we have yet to buy gas logs or use real logs because we keep hearing arguments against both and can't make a decision!!  Any opinions would be welcome before it gets too cold around here!
Here are just a few things in my kitchen.

and the top of my frig...

And finally my cutie jack-o-lantern I bought at Sam's a few years ago.
I just added the ribbon to the handles, it makes me smile when I hand out candy to the kiddos!
Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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