Fixing up the plain jane

We recently purchased a new washer and dryer.  To say I am ecstatic is an understatement!  It has been a long time coming.  I don't think we have purchased a new set in our entire marriage.  They are the front loading HE type and I did ten loads of laundry yesterday and loved it!  Well, as much as you can love doing laundry.
I took the oppurtunity of the laundry room being empty for a day to paint it.  I used the paint I had leftover from our entryway so I wouldn't have to spend any money.  It's a light yellowy color, brightens up the room.  Here is what it looked like right after the wall colors.
The white on the shelf is the original color of the walls. 
I had this painting that I bought on clearance at Target a couple years ago, just waiting for a spot in the house.  I used it's design and colors as my inspiration.

 I started by painting the shelf what I thought would be the orange in the background of this picture.

Ummm yikes!!  Epic fail on that color choice.
So I tried several different ways to tone it down a bit.
First I added some white paint mixed with a small amount of water. 
Still too bright, so I added some splotches of the other colors that are in the painting.
I also started with the design I was going to try and pull off from the painting.
Still not loving it but I wasn't about to leave it.
My husband walked in at this point and I told him not to judge me until it was finished.  :)
So I just took all the colors from the color scheme and just kinda winged it.
This is how it ended up.

It's not exactly what I had in mind but it's much better than before! 
Oh and my husband came back in when I was done and said he loved it! *smile*


  1. Wow that is awesome! I love it. I'd love that in my laundry/office but don't have that kind of talent though.

    I also wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! Check it out at my blog at :)
    Patty - My Chaotic Home

  2. WOW Thanks Patty!! I've never gotten a blog award before - thanks for thinking of me! :)

  3. Cute! What a fun way to add some color and cheer to your laundry corner. ~Jen @